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About the StudySeries

The Lord recently spoke this to my heart: Everything I believe about myself indicates something I believe about Him. It’s an unavoidable truth, good or bad. My heart for this study is to dive into who I am in relation to who He is, what that tells me about His character, and how that has the power to impact how I live.


Identity Statements 


I am redeemed, He is my redeemer (Hosea 3)

I am fearfully and wonderfully made, He is the Creator (Psalm 139) 

I am a child of God, He is the Father (1 John 3 | Ephesians 1) 

I am the bride of Christ, He is the groom (Matthew 25 | Revelation 19) 

I am the sheep, He is the good Shepherd (John 10) 

I am the branches, He is the vine (John 15) 

This study is being in Small Group format, virtually. If you would like to join us as we go, starting

Monday, December 7th, sign up below and choose your communication preference.

StudySeries Resources

I am Redeemed & Christ is my Redeemer.

Being redeemed only matters when we discover who we’ve been redeemed by, and what we’ve been redeemed to. The book of Hosea paints a really beautiful picture of redemption, and our redeemer

I am Fearfully & Wonderfully Made, He is my Creator

It is an unbelievably comforting and humbling thing to know the One who crafted the skies knows me so intimately that He knows the number of hairs on my head; that He uniquely gifted and called me, and divinely purposed my life. What would life look like if I embraced that part of my identity wholeheartedly?

I am a Child of God, He is the Father

In the last video we talked about how we are intimately known by our Creator. This video follows that up in a really beautiful as it dives into how this relationship with the Father shows me, not only am I intimately known, I am deeply loved by Him. 

I am the Bride, He is the Groom

To be intimately known, and deeply loved is something I can hardly wrap my mind around. As I studied this Identity Statement, I was taken further down the road of His love; a different kind of love.

It's a love that can only be compared to the one found in a

faithful, committed marriage. Let's explore!

I am the Sheep, He is the Good Shepherd

Having a firm understanding of this part of our identity, and relationship to Christ, is instrumental in resisting one of the world's most common lies. Abiding in His pastures is where we find life, as explained by Jesus Himself in John 10.

I am the Branch, He is the Vine

In John 15, Jesus uses the relationship between a branch

and vine to illustrate our relationship to Him. What a poetic

way to end this study. This identity statement perfectly summarizes all the rest of them in that our identity itself

is dependent upon who He is. 

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