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I am Child of God

Not only am I intimately known, I am deeply loved.

The last identity statement we covered in this series was:

The dominant point that stuck to my heart from studying that was that I am intimately known.

Think about that for a moment. As a songwriter, I can assure you that nobody knows my songs better than I do. I know the chords, the progression, the tempo, the lyrics, the notes, the vision in my head for how I hope it all sounds one day... as the creator of the song, I know it very well. How much more true is this of the Creator in relation to us? He knows us intimately - even more than we could ever know ourselves.

And not only are we intimately known, but we are deeply loved.

While being a child of God is life-changing as it is, when I looked at the context and nature of the relationship as presented in Ephesians 1, it blew me away even more.

In love He predestined us for adoption to Himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will (v5).

Adoption. We are children of God by way of adoption through Christ. Do you know what that means? We were specifically chosen, with intention, by the Father. To take this truth even further, God Himself is the One who designed the role of a father so He knew exactly what He was choosing to be for us - perfectly and forever - when He chose to adopt us through Christ. Biblically, we know a father is called to do the following for his children:

  • Protect

  • Provide

  • Disciple

  • Guide

  • Love

The Epistles of John, Proverbs, 1 Timothy and Ephesians are just a few places in the Bible that lay these things out for us. God perfectly exemplifies all of this in our lives. And again, He chose to do this. He chose to establish a relationship with us as our Heavenly Father.

And our goodness is He more than we could ever describe. Being a child as part of our identity isn't all that special, honestly. All of us have an earthly father, as involved or uninvolved as he may have been. But our Heavenly Father is the Creator of the universe. Sovereign, forever faithful and perfect in all His ways. Being His Child is more than we could ever imagine!

Not only this...but this relationship provides eternal hope. The Epistles of Peter, Ephesians and several other places in Scripture talk about the inheritance that awaits us as a result of this relationship He has chosen to draw us into. This gives us hope beyond this present darkness - whether it's a moment, years or a lifetime. We have hope in our eternal future, gifted to us by our Father.

And all of this is literally part of who we are - our identity - in Christ. None of it did we have to earn. None of it can we lose once we are His. We are intimately known and deeply loved by our Heavenly Father, and that changes everything.

This is simply what the Lord spoke to my heart on this topic. I pray you give the Lord time and space to speak directly to your heart as well.

~ Alyssa

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