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About the StudySeries

It’s easy to get caught up reading Scripture as detached, disconnected historical content. Something I am hoping this study results in for everyone that follows along is seeing how paying specific attention to the details of the text opens up connection points for everyday life application. The Word of God is very much alive, and how we read it matters.


Intentions: The goal of this study is to look at five accounts where when the Lord spoke, everything changed; situations, circumstances, perspectives, hearts. We also paid specific attention to man in these accounts; they’re disposition, expectations, responses.

Questions: We’ve all been in these places in life where we’re losing hope, losing faith, or not seeing the good that can come from it - whatever your “it” may be. My hope is that this study will give your heart some questions to answer about the reality of where you are, and how you are needing God to speak into your life.

The accounts we looked at over two weeks are:

Matthew 8  |  Acts 27  |  Mark 4  |  Joshua 7  |  John 11

StudySeries Resources

Study notes

For whatever they're worth... these are my study notes from the series exactly as I wrote them, questions and all.


During the study series, each day of the study had its own graphic pertaining to the verses covered. You can download the album here.

Blog Post(s)

Throughout the study, I blogged about anything that the Lord specifically showed me as I studied; things He expanded on in my heart beyond what was posted.

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