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A Time Management Tool

About the Download

The one thing we can probably all agree we seem to need more of is time. We become subject to our schedules before we realize what's happened and that line between busy & burnout gets thinner as the days go by. If you relate to that, know this... me too!

I created this time management tool in response to my own need. I'd lost control of my schedule and convinced myself it's just how it had to be. The thing is - it was chaos. And God is a God of order, not chaos, so I knew something had to give. Before I could make any decisions, I had to truly understand where my time was going. 


That's exactly what this tool is designed to do!

It gives an accurate visual of your current time management by:

  • Identifying what consumes your time

  • How much of your time goes to each thing

  • What much personal time you have in the average month

  • How much time is left unaccounted for

  • Challenging you to consider if this is where you want to be

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