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About the StudySeries

The way I was approaching something internally suggested I thought the Lord expected something of me that He simply never did. I was applying unnecessary pressure to myself, and it was impacting a lot. 


It got me thinking...we put a whole lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves to do and be things God simply never asked us to do or be. Sometimes a reminder of the fundamentals brings us back to a beautiful place with the Lord. 


In this #StudySeries I break down 4 things God never asked of us: 


1. Achieve Perfection 

2. Have it All Figured Out 

3. Burn Out in His Name 

4. Determine Our Identity 


My prayer is that if any of those things creates curiosity in your heart, you'll go through this

brief devotional study and Take the Pressure Off along with me.

StudySeries Resources

Study notes

I've compiled all of the devotional writings into one downloadable resource that takes you through the #StudySeries from start to finish.


During the study series, each day of the study had its own graphics pertaining to the topic covered. You can download the album here.


Each day of the #StudySeries

included a devotional post that

dove into that day's topic and

related Scriptures.

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