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One-World Religion and...Silence from the World?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

I know, I know. I'm probably not supposed to skim the surface of politics and such on this blog. But, I've never been one to follow rules, and this is blowing my mind right now.

I was on Facebook today and saw someone post an article about how Pope Francis and Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb signed an agreement that brings us one [rather large] step closer to one-world religion.

That was the first I had heard of this, so I searched to see if it was true, and found news from [an extensive list of] faith-based news sources online, and a couple YouTube videos. To be honest, I was half hoping it was all nonsense, but no. This happened. This happened and yet, not a single mainstream news source touched it. It's not on CNN. It's not on Fox News. It's not even on Snopes.

We should be talking about this at least as loudly as we talk about the tweets of our politicians, yet there's been silence.

Here's a very brief snippet from an article that quoted part of the agreement Pope Francis and Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb signed on February 4th:


(a)"On top of that, the document also boldly declares that “the diversity of religions” that we see in the world was “willed by God":

'The pluralism and the diversity of religions, color, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings...'

In essence, this is saying that it is the will of God that there are hundreds of different religions in the world and that they are all acceptable in His sight."

~ Cherie Vandermillen, writer for Pulpit and Pen


Either we all heard and call it "good" and a step towards peace and tolerance, or we didn't hear and don't care because we don't get the big deal. No matter what side of the fence the truth lands in, "good" is not the word to use and ignorance is not bliss.

There's much to say and even more to be asked, so here are a few of my questions:

  1. How do those within Catholicism and Sunni Islam feel about the fact that their renowned religious leaders signed an agreement that effectively contradicts the foundational nature of their beliefs, the primary belief being that they have reason to believe it? These faiths innately have two different views of God. They each define God's character in wildly different ways, which is evidenced by their differing views on eternity, how you get there and how you're called to act in the meantime. Yet, they've signed an agreement that completely defies BOTH views of their God's character by stating that He willed all religions into existence in His wisdom. Why would anyone still belong to these religions when their leaders have signed away their validity?

  2. Why would anyone believe in a God that would use His wisdom to create abounding chaos among all people in the world?

  3. What is it about a one-world religion that diminishes God for the sake of man's feelings that seems necessary, possible, or like a good idea? It's not necessary. I've been to Israel. I've observed how four different religions can occupy and do business in the same square mile without major conflicts. It's not possible. We're basically trying to reenact Genesis 11 (b), and if God wasn't having it then, I don't know why we expect anything different now. It's not a good idea. To have one-world religion means to have billions of flawed people adhering to a religion that: (1) has been defined and by flawed men (2) completely diminishes the attributes of God (3) is created to focus on the desires of mankind and (4) makes all desires reasonable to act on which will, in fact, be a living nightmare. We live in a world that defends the existence of 112 genders (c) out of necessity for identification purposes, but is pushing for one-world religion.

  4. Is anyone else questioning how it could be that this headline either never made the news as a major headline or, if it did, only stuck around for a day or so? How Bernie Sanders feels about Trump and the Stonehenge mystery are headlines, but not this.

My confusion is centered around the world's reaction to this, or lack thereof; the media's ignorance of the news; the silence of the people within these two religions.

As a Christian, I get it. It all falls right in line with what the Word of God says will unfold as the end draws near. That's actually the rather ironic part of this; the Pope and Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb are playing in a role in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy while they think they're spearheading a religious movement on their own.

Oh, how a piece of my heart is still standing on the Mount Olives waiting for Jesus's return, praying it's very very soon.

~ Alyssa

P.s. Christian Investment Analysis produced a report recently that shows us how One-World Currency is racing One-World Religion for first place. Check it out here >>






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