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What If...You're in Your Own Way?

What if... 

My business fails? 

I don't get the promotion? 

My significant other leaves me? 

I lose loved ones? 

This doesn't turn out how I hope? 

I have to struggle to make ends meet every month? 

What if...

I told you there was a way to win the "What If" game we like to play so often? 

We get lost in the "what if" thoughts all through the day - While we're lying in bed trying to fall asleep, taking that drive into work, sitting in meetings, walking the dog, having dinner, etc... and we drive ourselves crazy doing it. 

People usually tell you not to play the "What If" game - but I think you should play it, because I think you can win it and I think the impact of those victories will drastically change your innate perspective moving forward. 

Here's the truth people help us avoid with the generic "It'll all work outs" and "You'll do greats": 

Your business might fail.

You might not get the promotion.

Your significant other very well may leave you for one reason or another.

You will probably lose loved ones, unfortunately death is part of life.

The situation might turn out to the be the opposite of what you hoped.

There may be bills left unpaid at the end of this month. 

First of all - notice all the "mays" and "mights." Stop jumping right to the worst possible scenario in your head or you're going to cause yourself to end up there. I'm not suggesting you can think your way into your destiny and I'm definitely suggesting you should allow being positive to become overconfidence. You should always be prepared for any outcome. But I am suggesting that you can absolutely become your own stumbling block by assuming the negatives.

Look, let's keep the indefinites, but with a positive twist. See how it changes:

Your business can succeed.

You have a chance at gettng the promotion.

Your significant other may be the person you spend forever with.

You will probably lose loved ones, but the memory of them never dies. 

The situation has the potential to turn out exactly how you hoped.

If there are bills left unpaid this month, develop a plan to pay your balances as soon as you can. 

Still indefinite - Just not self-defeating. But let's move on to the main point. 

Asking yourself this question has the power to secure your victory in the game of "What Ifs": What's the worst that can happen?

The truth is that if you can be brave enough to walk all the way down the road of answering that question when undesirable circumstances arise, you'll be fortunate enough to realize that although the situation may still sting, you're in a win-win position. No matter what. 

What if...your business fails? Your business might fail, but it can also succeed.

What's the worst that can happen if your business fails? You lose money and time invested. You feel frustrated. Some people might be disappointed.

Those things are tough! But we're all the way down the road of the "what if" and the "worst that can happen" and I'm not seeing any outcome that prevents you from getting back up, dusting off and keeping it moving. I'm not seeing any outcome that defines you. I'm not seeing any outcome that stands in the way of you and wherever you want to be. Unless of course you let it. 

Maybe it'll be delayed. Maybe it didn't happen how you thought it should. Maybe you'll have to work through some frustration first, but honestly, even if the worst thing that can happen - happens - it's not the end of the world. You have the ability to be in a win-win position, even in the moments you feel like you're losing. Crazy, right? But so true. 

What's going on in life right now that has you playing the "What If" game? Do you want to be in the position to win regardless of the outcome? Ask yourself the tough questions. Give yourself honest answers. And watch how it transforms your journey. 

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