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John 20 & 21

I’m reading John 20 and 21 for what must be the hundredth time this morning, and God showed me yet one more thing in this text -

In these verses (John 20:3-10) we see Peter go to the tomb of Christ, and see it empty. He sees the linens lying there, the face cloth folded. He sees the tomb empty.

He SEES these things. The other disciple with him sees and *believes* as the verses say, but that’s not the case with Peter. He should’ve believed. He was there in John 16 when Jesus foretold all that’s just happened, and what the disciples were to do with it all.

Now he’s standing in the empty tomb of Jesus. He SEES it with his own eyes, but he doesn’t believe. And we know this because if he did, would he have chosen to go back to fishing, back to what he knew before Christ?

We know that God finds Peter on the shore of his doubt and frustration, and personally restores him to his calling in Christ. That’s who Jesus is.

But this just got me thinking... I don’t want to be the person that sees the empty tomb, sees the folded linens, and misses it completely; gets so caught up in my own confusion and doubt that I walk back to what I know instead of celebrating the greatness of my Savior.

I want to be the one that sees and *believes.*

~ Alyssa

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