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It May Not Look Like Much

It may not look like much, this room we're currently holding youth group in. It's in the middle of construction as we await our new youth building. The buildings around it are in the middle of construction. There's spackle all over what's left of the wall behind where Josiah teaches from. There are couches somehow arranged to fit in a space smaller than they were all intended for, and seating more kids than they probably should.

It may not look like much.

But... much happens here.

Teaching the Word of God happens here. Worship happens here. Salvation has happened here. Friendships have been cultivated here. Growth happens here. Lifestyles are challenged here. Meaningful conversations are had here. Laughter happens here.

The Spirit moves mightily here.

Every night at youth group is not a night full of these big, noteworthy moments. Some nights the leaders leave frustrated or feeling like we don't know what we need to do differently to get through to these kids. Sometimes the kids may even leave wondering why they keep coming to youth group.

But then there are nights like tonight, where the Holy Spirit floods the room like it's been waiting all day to do it.

Nights where worship is more than singing songs, more like surrender. Nights where the Lord floods the heart of the youth pastor as he shares the Gospel message. Nights where several kids make a decision for Christ. Nights where you watch what you prayed for that morning come to life in a way that surpasses what you could have expected.

It may not look like much... but much happens here.

And as the song that's become something like an anthem for this group goes, there's no place we would rather be.

~ Alyssa

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