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I think we can all agree that it is good to be known by someone. Whether it’s a friend, your family or your lover for life, knowing that someone really knows you is just a good, comforting thing.

We were created to be known by others, chiefly by the Lord.

When you struggle with intimacy – and I don’t really mean physical intimacy – this poses a problem. The desire to be known doesn’t go away, but your unwillingness to allow yourself to be known becomes a barrier.

So you keep people out. It’s easier that way, right? If you don’t try to let someone one in, you can’t feel rejected or unaccepted for what you are. Only problem is your desire to truly be known is furthered.

I can’t help but wonder if this is why so many people are so quick to give themselves away early on in a relationship, or to one nights stands. We’re afraid to really let somebody in, but we still desire to be known so we let them in physically in an attempt to satisfy that desire without emotional risk.

It doesn’t work though because, emotionally, there’s still a void.

And if the void exists due to lack of human connection, imagine the void that exists when we avoid relationship with our Creator.

We were created for intimacy. We were created to be known. And we have to be willing to accept the risk if we’re ever going to reap the benefit.


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