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The three reasons this trip got planned:

  • I had some time off between holidays

  • I had two free nights courtesy of my Marriott membership

  • My goal to get to all 50 states before I turn 30, and Connecticut being one I hadn't yet visited

So my friend, Sarah, and I figured we would go see what Connecticut had to offer. Long story short, we made the best of the few days away considering the weather. It was the perfect, relaxed getaway. We had time to just float around the New Haven area and explore, at our leisure, with no agenda.

Travel stuff...

Where'd we stay? Springhill Suites by Marriott in Milford, CT

Where'd we eat? Cody's Diner, Trinity Irish Pub and SBC Restaurant & Taproom

Coffee, coffee, coffee... Cafe Atlantique made lattes very, very right

Tourist stops? Yale University's campus, Lighthouse Park

A few of my favorite shots that sum up the time away...

One of the more notable things we did while there was visit Yale's campus. It may have been a rainy, windy day but it was pretty beautiful. If I ever get back there in spring, you'll find me sitting on the green at some point!

On our way home, the sun decided to grace us with its presence, so we made a quick stop at Lighthouse Park. This is another place I'd like to get back to when the weather is conducive to sitting on a bench that overlooks the water, sipping on fresh coffee.

Well, until next time Connecticut!

~ Alyssa

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