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Colossians 1:17

And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

- Colossians 1:17

This has become a coffee mug verse, and I'm afraid many of us are losing the significance of the truth presented here.

He is before all things... Jesus "was" before your anxiety, financial problems, relationship strains, depression, uncertainty, deep hurt, unbelief.

...and In Him... Exclusively in and through Jesus.

...all things hold together. Everything, excluding nothing and no one, is unified, held together, sustained.

He saw your brokenness before you experienced it, and in Christ alone, you are sustained through it.

He saw your marriage fail before you said "I Do," and in Christ alone, both you and it can still be held together.

He saw your kids wander into the prodigal life before you conceived them, and in Christ alone, they will be unified again with who they were created to be.

I can assure you of this, have no hope of sustaining yourself to wholeness and healing. The cornerstone of this verse is "in Him."

The good news is, He is the only hope you need.

~ Alyssa

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