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A Couple Mornings Down the Shore

Last year, my siblings and I started what I hope will continue to be an annual tradition of going away for a weekend in August.

This year we just went to Ocean City, NJ to steal a couple mornings at the beach.

Beach, boardwalk. Another solid sunburn for me. That was pretty much the weekend. The weather worked out perfectly, too. More importantly than all of that, though, it was really nice and necessary to spend a few days away with the three of them. Moving out made it hard to stay connected - but not with the big stuff. That's what family group texts are for ;) - with the little moments. Those little things you miss because you weren't there last Thursday night when everyone was home laughing about something you "had to be there" for to get. I got to steal a few of those moments while we were away.

Travel stuff...

  • Where'd we stay? The Flanders. My brother has always wanted to stay on the boardwalk.

  • Where'd we eat? Mostly various pizza places along the boardwalk. Three Brothers, the Promenade. Also, Playa Bowls!

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee... Ocean City Coffee Co. and Drip N' Scoop.

A few good shots from the weekend...

A couple days away with the right people is priceless. That's the moral of the story.

~ Alyssa

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