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About the StudySeries

At Grace Christian Academy, nearly every time Pastor Juan prays over the school day, he ends his prayer with "We love You, and it is so obvious how You love us."


One day, that really hit me. I remember going through the rest of my day thinking,
"It really IS so obvious how He loves us."

Recently, I was thinking on this again, and jotted down just how I know Jesus loves me:


He stays.

He loves us "anyway."

He does the hard things.

 He gives.

He speaks truth.

He meets us where we are.

He makes His love obvious.

And so this StudySeries will take a look at each one of those things in the Scriptures, and how they have the power to change us from the inside out.

StudySeries Videos



Session I:
He stays

Session II:
He loves us "anyway"

Session III:
He does the hard things

Session IV:
He gives

Session V:
He speaks truth

Session VI:
He meets us where we are

Session VII:
He makes His love obvious

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