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Life is quick to get chaotic.

Our schedules fill up. Our minds run wild. Our priorities get out of order. We're needed by our families, jobs, ministries, friends, and we want to be there for all of them. Most of us find ourselves feeling guilty when we want to take time to just sit, sometimes in complete silence, and be alone with ourselves. 


I broke through the chaos and learned that it's not just 'ok' to carve out that time - it's healthy, and it's necessary.
And when I did, I started my DeckDevotionals. Turns out it's pretty amazing what the Lord opens your eyes to when you give yourself a little room to breathe. 

#StudySeries: Identity |  I am a Child of God, He is the Father

#StudySeries: Identity | I am a Child of God, He is the Father

Welcome to DeckDevotionals' first Small Group #StudySeries! In this video we're covering the identity statement of: I am a Child of God, He is the Father In the last video we talked about how we are intimately known by our Creator. This video follows that up in a really beautiful as it dives into how this relationship with the Father shows me that, not only am I intimately known, I am deeply loved. ----------------------------------------------------- A little bit about the study as a whole... The Lord recently spoke this to my heart... Everything I believe about myself indicates something I believe about Him. It’s an unavoidable truth, good or bad. My heart for this study is to dive into who I am in relation to who He is, what that tells me about His character, and how that has the power to impact how I live. The identity statements I'm covering in this study are: - I am redeemed, He is my redeemer (Hosea 3) - I am fearfully and wonderfully made, He is the Creator (Psalm 139) - I am a child of God, He is the Father (1 John 3 | Ephesians 1) - I am the bride of Christ, He is the groom (Matthew 25 | Revelation 19) - I am the sheep, He is the good Shepherd (John 10) - I am the branches, He is the vine (John 15) This study will NOT be shared daily on the Facebook page. I am doing this one in small group format via text, email or Facebook Messenger and videos that will be posted online at:
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