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Reppin' Serengetee!

I'm pretty stoked to share that I'm officially a Serengetee Rep!

What is Seregentee? In a few words, it's a company using fabrics from around the world to inspire change. In the words of the founders, Jeff & Ryan:

Serengetee started in 2012 after [we] met on Semester at Sea, a study abroad program that circumnavigates the globe by ship. While traveling, we began exploring markets and collecting fabric from countries in Africa, Asia, and Central America.
We wanted to find a way to use these fabrics to make positive change in the world; we wanted to become the first brand centered around fabric. So with zero fashion experience, we used the last pennies in our pockets and started cutting, sewing, and shipping pocket tees from our dorm room.
From day one, the mission was at the heart of everything Serengetee.
By purchasing fabric from over 25 countries, we support artisans, their families, and ancient fabric making traditions. And, by giving back 10% of our profits to a diverse range of grassroots causes, we work to improve lives in their communities.
The stories of these fabric makers and causes are baked into every product we make, so when you wear Serengetee you are truly wearing a piece of the world.

I've worn Serengetee for years now, and I've taken the brand with me in my travels. Most notably, my signature Serengetee #TravelMore T was in Jerusalem!

Why did I apply to be a Rep? Serengetee is a brand centered around travel with a mission to give back. And if you know me, you know I'm very into that. I love the mission of this company. I so appreciate how they got started, and I love their products. They give me a chance to #WeartheWorld.

Why does this matter to you? Well, I'd love it if you would be excited with me ;) But beyond that, it matters to you because I can give you 20% off your next order with my Rep Code! I'll share the code here in a few days.

In the meantime, get to know Serengetee here >>

~ Alyssa

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