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Leadership Done Right

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

"People support what they help create." - Steve Baker 

What's this mean? Here's my take on it.

I think this is a soft-spoken challenge to anyone in a leadership position. Whether you are leading a business, organization, team or family, the support of those you are leading is something you [should] want.

Frustration is familiar friend at times, especially when we feel like that the desired support is simply not there, but here's the challenge: Have you created an environment that facilitates support? Have you given people the freedom to contribute to what you're asking them to support? 

When people have the freedom to contribute, specifically in the area of their strength, they feel valued. When they feel valued, they invest themselves in it. When they are invested in it, they care about the outcome. When they care about they outcome, they support the efforts leading to the outcome. 

Again, whether you are leading a company, team or family, by doing one simple thing - by facilitating a collaborative environment - you initiate a positive domino effect in those you are leading that results in tremendous support, and therefore, forward progress. And that forward progress can be seen in either accomplishing the original goal or in building a stronger organization. Either way, you win. 

(Side note: There is absolutely a time and place for executive decisions to be made by those in charge, but good leaders will have discernment with this.")

Effective leadership looks a lot like facilitating teamwork as it turns out, so Baker has it right; "People support what they help create." 

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