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An Offer of Hope & Help

I have recently become a coach for Groundwire, an organization that has been offering hope and help to anyone seeking it since 2003. I couldn't be happier to be part of what they're doing!


 Their mission is to be a personal resource for anyone that is:

  • Hurting

  • Seeking advice

  • Struggling with mental health

  • Wanting to know Jesus

  • Healing from loss or trauma

  • In need of prayer

  • Seeking answers about Christianity

How does it work? 

By visiting any of the three websites listed below, chatters can talk to one of our 400 coaches, globally (currently in English or Spanish) about whatever is on their mind. They will be met with judgement-free, loving, encouraging guidance that is rooted in Scripture.  |  |

The heart of Christ was and is to seek and save the lost. Groundwire shares that heart.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about anything - whether you're hurting, struggling, have questions or just want to know Jesus - I encourage you to start a chat with one of the coaches.

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